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United Will Add Free TV And Movie Streaming To Its Flights

Illustration for article titled United Will Add Free TV And Movie Streaming To Its Flights

Beginning in April, United airlines will offer free TV and movie streaming to passengers aboard specially equipped planes. But unless you have a laptop, the offer comes exclusively to users of Apple devices running iOS 7 and United's iOS app at launch time.


United did say that the service will be offered to Android users later this year. Initially, the service will be free, thanks to the sponsorship by the airline's Mileage Plus Explorer credit card, but United spokeswoman Karen May hinted that the free offer may not last forever.

Entertainment options will include over 150 movies and 200 TV shows, including full seasons of the popular Netflix series House of Cards, as well as Downton Abbey.

"We have so many more customers who have mobile devices, and when they fly they're looking for content to keep them entertained," United spokeswoman Karen May said. "Overall on our mainline fleet we plan to have Wi-Fi as well as an inflight entertainment option that offers our customers a form of choice...We are particularly looking at personal-device entertainment."


United said they will be equipping their domestic fleet of Airbus 319s and 320s first, followed by international Boeing 747s and 777-200s. Additionally, United will be installing in-seat power outlets to keep devices charged while using the services. The power outlets alone will be a huge plus, as people who use personal entertainment devices on board hate to arrive at their destination with a drained battery. This news follows a recent announcement from United's Star Alliance partner Lufthansa they will also begin offering wireless streaming entertainment options on board.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Top photo: United Airlines Airbus A320 with Boeing 747s, from Getty Images

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I wish (free) wifi would work its way on international flights. That'd make it bearable.