United Airlines Adds Gluten-free Options to Dining Menu

If you're a gluten-free diner, United Airlines has made some changes to its in-flight menu that you may find appealing.

In premium cabins, on flights from the United States to points within North and Central America, United is replacing its salad dressing with gluten-free ranch and balsamic vinaigrette dressings by Conway. Paired with their gluten-free soup which is already available, this allows diners to enjoy a complete gluten-free meal. United is also replacing regular yogurt with Greek Yogurt for premium cabin customers. Gluten-free options for long-haul international flights will be added later this summer.


"Our customers are looking for menu choices that reflect their heightened focus on health and good nutrition," said Lynda Coffman, United's vice president of food services. "By introducing new choices for premium-cabin and United Economy customers, we continue to provide a more flyer-friendly inflight experience for travelers."

If you're back in the cheap seats, you can also purchase snack boxes from United's Choice Menu Snack Shop, priced from $7.99 to $8.99. The airline says "at least half of the items in the snackbox are now gluten-free" - which makes one wonder what you do with the other items. Perhaps you can appease the screaming toddler who is kicking your seat from the row behind you.

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