If you've always wanted to pilot a battleship but aren't willing to work your way up through the ranks, here is the solution. Currently listed on Ebay, this twenty foot long jet driven replica of the battleship New Jersey is a unique alternative to the real thing.

Somewhere in between a toy boat that belongs in the bathtub and a full-size battleship is this unique replica. Based on the real battleship "New Jersey", this replica is 20 feet long and 56 inches wide. It is powered by a 120 horsepower Sea Doo jet drive and set up for a two man crew-which we assume to be the amount of people that can actually fit in the boat.


If the idea of a miniature battleship isn't enough to sell itself, there's more. Besides the fact this unique craft was well crafted and includes full working instrumentation, it has two fully articulating turrets that have high pressure water guns attached.

This one of a kind boat is currently listed on Ebay with a Buy-it-now price of $80,000. While it may seem like a lot for an oversized toy that looks like an undersized battleship, we certainly can't think of a more unique way to hit the water.

[Ebay via Bangshift]


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