Union Pacific Rail Hops On Green Train Like Some Treehugging Hobo

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Sometimes we're astonished by the kinds of spin we witness around Green issues. Take Union Pacific, for example. They just dropped a press release that touts their contribution to the environment—because they ferry around hybrid cars and are expanding their rail network, to the tune of a cool billion, so that they can better serve the American ethanol heartland. Are we questioning their motives? Yeah, kinda.

Here's what the giant railroad concern has to say, about their engagement with National Alternative Fuel Autos Month, which is April :

"Union Pacific Railroad is the largest automotive carrier west of the Mississippi River," said Julie Krehbiel, vice president and general manager - Autos at Union Pacific. "During National Alternative Fuel Autos Month we want to drive awareness of Union Pacific's role in delivering greener vehicles and fuel to market."


Drive awareness? Sounds more like coat-tailing to us, or at best shameless flack opportunism. Hey, bully for Union Pacific if they're picking up business as energy-usage consciousness evolves in the USA. Just don't make it sound like there's some sort of higher ecological ethic at play. Still, we'll look forward to further releases during National Organic Avocado Month and on Take Your Compost Pile to Work Week. [Union Pacific]

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Rob Emslie

The deal with trains is that it's all fun and games until someone bridges the river kwai.