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Unfortunate groom crashes Lamborghini on his way to get married

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although there's no good time to wreck a rented Lamborghini Gallardo, we'd have to say crashing into a fence when you're already running late for your own wedding is easily one of the worst times for it to occur.

That is exactly what happened to one Australian man yesterday. While the groom and his best man were driving to the church where he planned to exchange vows, the rented Gallardo they were in skidded on a wet road outside Sydney and introduced itself to a wire fence.


Luckily both men were uninjured in the crash. In a move that sounds equal parts romantic and illegal, the groom left the damaged car by the side of the road and continued to the church on foot. At least he had the courtesy to call the company he rented the Lambo from and informed them where they could collect their damaged supercar.

Police claim the car received only minor damage but according to a representative for the company that rented out the car "the damage was worse than expected" and the Gallardo was "almost a write off". Amazingly the police do not currently believe speed was a factor in the accident.


Despite the inconvenient supercar destruction the unidentified groom somehow still managed to arrive in time for his wedding.

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