It seems that when Yahoo got rid of its Yahoo! Autos section, they really went all out and made sure nobody they had on staff knew shit about cars, ever ever again. Maybe they had to perform lobotomies to be sure. Thatā€™s really the only explanation for this article, which talks about how Apple is going to buy McLaren, the company that made the time-traveling car in Back to the Future. Holy shit, this is amazing.

Letā€™s start with the headline: ā€œIs Apple Going ā€˜Back to the Futureā€™ With McLaren?ā€, because where weā€™re going, we donā€™t even need the most basic research.

I canā€™t believe how gloriously, gleefully, deliriously wrong this article is on almost every front. I mean, sure, thereā€™s the fact that the whole Apple/McLaren deal has been denied by McLaren, but that doesnā€™t even begin to get at the fucking fried gold-plated, beer-battered pork chop of idiocy that gives us this:

That ties in perfectly with any plans to acquire or partner with McLaren, whose cars were made immortal by Robert Zemeckisā€™ 1985 blockbuster sci-fi comedy ā€œBack to the Futureā€ starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

The person who wrote this article (to be fair, this is from some network of contributors, but still) somehow believes that the DeLorean from Back to the Futureā€”one of the most famous movie cars of all timeā€”is somehow not a DeLorean, but a McLaren.


Screenshot because eventually theyā€™ll fix this and wish it never happened

Maybe the big DMC on the grille was what confused the author? I mean, after all, McLaren has a C and an M in its name! Shit, that probably means something.

The author may as well have written that ā€œApple first rose to success in the 1980s with the huge sales of their personal computer, the IBM PC.ā€


I know not everyone is into cars. And I know that Yahoo got rid of all their very capable gearheads like Alex Lloyd and and Justin Hyde and Sharon Silke Carty earlier this year. But fucking hell, the DeLorean is one of those cars that almost everyone who doesnā€™t give a shit about cars at least knows the name of and can identify!

If you took a random person off the street, knocked them out, took them to a warehouse with a DeLorean and a McLaren, and pointed a gun at them and said ā€œrun to the car from Back to the Future, and Iā€™ll let you live,ā€ you know how many people youā€™d kill? None. Nobody.


Get it together, Yahoo.

(hat tip to r/cars!)