Unapologetically Rainbow Holden Supercar Is A Middle Finger To Haters

Photo credit: Brad Jones Racing
Photo credit: Brad Jones Racing

As Australia debates whether to recognize same-sex marriage, this Holden racing team made very clear where it stands.


The No. 8 Brad Jones Racing Holden Commodore of Nick Percat donned the colorful livery for the huge Formula One Australian Grand Prix weekend to demonstrate that motorsport is for everyone, per Supercars. The Australian Supercars series runs as a support race alongside F1 there.

Brad Jones Racing said in a statement that they want the car to promote equality for all, including other races, orientations and genders who often feel less welcome motorsport, as quoted by Supercars:

The unmissable rainbow colours on the #8 Holden Commodore is all about supporting equality of people, no matter their race, gender or sexual preference.

It is not a stance on any issue in particular, but of equality in all its forms, diversity and equal opportunity for all.

The Australian Grand Prix weekend is a great opportunity to showcase motorsport to the world.

When Brad Jones Racing had the idea to run the “Supporting Equality” livery, Holden were happy to be on board.

Having done a similar campaign recently, Holden stand up for equality and supports their community in this space.

Team owner Brad Jones pointed to the international nature of the event (which includes F1's season opener) as being particularly important in his statement to Supercars:

It’s an opportunity for BJR and Holden to celebrate motorsport and show that anyone can get involved and enjoy the sport.


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As a transwoman and a lesbian, I think this is fabulous. You got my support Holden. Love wins in the end.

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