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Ultra-Rare Porsche 964 Speedster Stolen In San Diego

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I’ll never understand car thieves, especially if they’re stealing a rare car that’s easy to spot by a passionate and often detail-obsessed fanbase. According to NBC 7, a rare 964-generation Porsche Speedster—only one of about 400 imported to the United States—has gone missing.

The 1994 Speedster was a stripped-down version of Porsche’s 911, lying somewhere between the Carrera 2 Cabriolet and the hardcore, driver-centric RS. Like the Boxster Spyders of more recent times, the manual cabriolet top was there more in case it rains. The Speedster was designed for open-top use with a unique hard piece that goes over the top when it’s folded down.


Per NBC 7, the interior of this car is pretty unique as well, with silver-backed gauges and racing-style seats.

With “NINTY4” plates and unique “Speedster” lettering across the back, it’s hard to mistake the white car that’s missing for anything else, especially with the funky roof that can be tricky to operate.


Maybe the criminals didn’t know Porsches well and assumed it was just an old convertible. Maybe they don’t know Porsche people and their tendency to be able to spot a special edition by an obscure random detail on the car from miles away. Maybe they’re just dumb.

Either way, it’s probably best if they carefully put the rare Porsche back where it was found.

As for the rest of us, be on the lookout for a white 964 Speedster. There aren’t too many of these around, so let’s find where it went if we can.

If you have any information on this car’s whereabouts, please call the San Diego Police Department’s 24-hour non-emergency line at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154.


Photo credit: NBC 7

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