Ultra Rare One of Two Saab 900 Wagon—Swede Dreams Are Made Of This

We never knew a Saab 900 wagon existed before we stumbled across this one on Hemmings blog, but after laying eyes on this 1981 model it's going to be hard to go on without one.

This ultra rare recent orphan is one of two "Safari" wagons known to exist. As the former owner explains in the Hemmings comments section, this 1981 model and a blue 1980 example that lives with the recently saved Saab museum collection were built by Nillson Special vehicles—a Swedish limo company. The other car can be seen at 6:11 here and at 1:42 here.


Saab lovers and acute car spotters alike will notice the previous owner face-lifted this 900 at one point to give it a more modern look. Other fun fact divulged include a likely reason for this Saab's immaculate condition and mere 48,000 miles—it was recently revived after almost 20 years in storage.

The former owner who explains all of this has actually only been the former owner for a few days. Get ready for the heartbreak—this LHD, legal to import to the US, ultra rare Saab wagon sold on a Dutch auction website only this past Wednesday after looking for a new owner for quite a while.

The last reported bid on this Saab was €9,800 or $12,736.86 on Tuesday. Final selling price is believed to be not far off from there which seems to us quite a deal for this rare Swedish Longroof.


[DaddyTypes via Hemmings]

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