CULNANE Corvette not pictured.
CULNANE Corvette not pictured.

Locals in New Hampshire had to detain a Corvette driver from getting anyone in further danger after he crashed his convertible ‘Vette twice in the span of seven minutes on Sunday night. If you’re wondering, yes, he had a personalized license plate.


While New Boston police were responding to a call about a car crash involving a white Chevrolet Corvette at approximately 7:15 p.m., the New Hampshire Union Leader reports. While responding to that call, New Boston police got a second call at 7:22 of another accident involving the very same white Corvette.


It’s unclear how the Corvette driver Kevin Cullinane, 54, of New Boston, got himself into his first hit-and-run outside the Cumberland Farms at the intersection of Main Street and Mountain Road in Goffstown. Witnesses make clear that he fled the scene of the accident, however, speeding down Mast Road towards Manchester, weaving through traffic until he hit another car with such force as to shove it back into a telephone pole.

If you follow the timeline alone Cullinane was not going slow. That’s a six and a half mile drive that Cullinane did in seven minutes. That’s highway speeds on an undivided two-lane.

Witnesses to the second crash reportedly detained Cullinane until the police showed up, where he was charged with conduct after an accident, operating under the influence of drugs and reckless operation, the Union Leader reports.

There were no injuries in the crash. Cullinane’s license plate reads “CULNANE.”

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Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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