UK Police Evo!

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Herr Roy — a man who knows a thing or three about high-performance law enforcement vehicles — has posted up a few shots of one of two Mitsubishi Evo VIII police cars in the United Kingdom. In addition to the stonking Lancers, the cops in Essex are due add a pair of WRX squad cars. The officer operating the vehicle claims that the vehicle's seen 156 mph on the road, which is plenty fast for capturing punters in pepped-up Grande Puntos. Essex hoons, you've been warned. [Team Polizei]

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Our police just got few Impreza WRXs, which will remain unmarked. Which is even scarier, coz if you have something "hot", and see an Impreza, you just have to show off/hoon/race. But then the "other guy" switches on the siren...

But at least we know that Imprezas might be "wired", so when we see one, we stay calm and obey all possible laws :)