UFC Fighter Chases And Catches Alleged Car Thief

Kevin Holland is usually known for his skills inside the octagon.

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UFC middleweight Kevin Holland is known for talking during fights, which is somewhat uncommon in the fight world but also something that makes him so watchable as a fighter as well. Outside of the octagon, he apparently also has a talent for catching alleged car thieves.

The alleged thief in question was caught on video after being apprehended by Holland in a recent incident. The video, shot by MMA coach Shug Dorsey, was taken as police arrived and made an arrest.

Dorsey told MMAJunkie how the whole episode went down. It started with a morning phone call from Holland to Dorsey, while Dorsey was home in Saginaw, Texas, outside of Fort Worth:

“I’m chasing a bad guy and I’m right near your house,” Holland said. “Yeah, somebody just stole a car and I’m following them.”

Dorsey pulled the phone away for a second and listened to the environment around him. Tires were still screeching in the distance.

“I could hear the cars turning corners,” Dorsey told MMA Junkie approximately one hour after the incident occurred Monday. “I asked him what streets he was on. He started telling me the streets. We joked that he was like a real cop, with us coordinating while he’s driving.”

With some follow-up questioning from his coach, Holland explained the situation. While pulling into a local gas station, Holland found himself driving into the midst of a panic while people screamed that a car was being stolen. Eyes locked on the target, Holland’s pursuit began.


Eventually, according to Dorsey’s account, the alleged thief crashed twice, and Holland got to use some of his MMA skills.

Holland had no issue taking down the alleged thief, he told Dorsey. The man did not put up much of a struggle thereafter.

“He’s running the guy down and trips him,” Dorsey said. “He wrapped him up and held him until the cops get there.”

According to Dorsey’s second-hand account, the alleged thief crashed twice leading up to his apprehension. The first crash didn’t faze him and he backed out and drove down the road – only to crash again.


Even if you are an MMA fighter, going vigilante is not recommended, though this sounds like it went as well as these things can go. Also, obviously, don’t (allegedly) steal cars, and especially don’t (allegedly) steal cars if Kevin Holland is nearby.