UFC Champion's First Off-Road Race Results In Violent Puking

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Professional ass-kicker and UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra may be able to beat the piss out of another human being, but when it comes to off-road driving it looks like he can’t keep his own fluids in his body.

What we’ve got here is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) reality show Looking For A Fight, where Serra joins UFC President Dana White and their friend/fighting sport writer Nick “The Tooth” Gullo as talent scouts looking for people who want to hurt each other for our entertainment.

The producers threw a lot of adventure travel/food-channel type elements in the mix to broaden the appeal, hence Serra getting put in a race car with BJ Baldwin at 16:10.

Baldwin, who you’ve undoubtedly seen teaching trucks to dance here on Jalopnik before, is one of the fastest and most talented guys in desert racing right now. Riding shotgun with him is a hell of a “first racing” experience for Serra, which is of course what makes this good TV and makes Serra eject his lunch into his helmet.


To Serra’s credit he makes no bones about the sensitivity of his guts– “I get an upset stomach on the pirate ride at Adventure Land with my kid,” he says before getting into Baldwin’s race rig.


He made it about an hour before barfing down his dust skirt. But hey, at least he tried it!


Interestingly, BJ says he doesn’t feel hype or adrenaline before a race begins. Must be why he’s so good at winning. Most of us would be way too stoked to keep that car on the course.

The point of this post is to illustrate that even tough guys get their asses kicked by desert racing. Off-roading is athletic, even if all you have to do is hang on.