Uber's Surge Pricing In New York City Got Absurd Last Night

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Much of the East Coast was hit by a storm this weekend that brought snow to the already frigid temperatures. It made last night the perfect time to pay a little more for a car service like Uber instead of trying to hail a cab or run for a train. Except Uber cost a lot more money in New York City last night.

Uber fares of more than $100 aren't totally unheard of, but they're more common on busy nights like Halloween and New Year's Eve, where the car service has already done surge pricing up to 6.25-times the normal rates.

Zach Seward, a senior editor at Quartz, shared how intense the surge pricing got on a bitterly cold and snowy Saturday night in New York City.


Not that Uber has ever been super cheap, but $137 minimum fare sounds ridiculously steep. Like, I'd-rather-freeze steep.

Besides, isn't Uber making plenty of money anyway?


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Of course it's expensive. They haven't made it in years.