If you’re a Star Wars fan and an Uber user in New York City, you’re in luck. Get ready to pull out your phone and wait reluctantly by it for a #branded Dodge Charger Hot Wheels Storm Trooper Hellcat Uber to come your way.

In an effort to celebrate Hot Wheels Force Day (which is apparently a Thing, although, isn’t) and to promote the upcoming release of the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Uber has collaborated with Hot Wheels to bring New Yorkers a little piece of the galaxy far far away. (Update: Some of the cars are also Charger SRT 392s.)

Did I mention that it’s free? It’s free!

To ‘deploy a Storm Trooper’, open up your Uber app, drop in the promo code ‘HOTWHEELSFF’ and select ‘HOT WHEELS’ on the bottom slider. Keep in mind that due to high demand, you may have to wait a decent amount of time to get a ride. Rides are only available until 5PM tonight and can only be requested to locations under 59th street in Manhattan.

I managed to get a ride in one, and I might just say it was the coolest ‘taxi cab’ I had ever been in. It’s a damn Hellcat! A 707 horsepower stealthy Star Wars beast. It sure beat the V6 Charger Ubers I’ve had in the past. This one even had red alcantara and rear heated seats. Hell, this may have even been cooler than Rally Taxi.

Photo Credit: Aaron Brown/Jalopnik

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