UAW Strike Keeps Mid-Engine Corvette At Bay Until 2020

Image: GM
Image: GM

After weeks of rumors, it’s finally been confirmed that production of the first-ever mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette has been pushed back to Feb. 2020, following the six-week UAW strike.

The “Lamborghini for Lubbock” has been left in the lurch, thanks to valiant work by union strength. GM confirmed to Motor Authority that the first owners of the C8 Corvette won’t receive their devilish mid-engine machines, all of them usurpers of the Blessed Front-Engine Corvette with its engine in the position that the Lord God intended, by the end of this year as planned. Instead, production has been pushed into Feb. next year.

The strike and work stoppage began on Sept. 15 after a breakdown in negotiations between the UAW and GM over issues of wages, job security, and paths to seniority for temporary workers, among other issues, shutting down 33 plants in nine states and 22 parts distribution warehouses for 40 days.


There also seemed to be some teething issues with the gearbox and tuning of the C8 in the early reviews of the car that GM may now take some time to work out.

Before GM can retool its Bowling Green, Kentucky plant, it needs to finish production of the last of the C7 Corvettes—the last of the front-engines (for now)—before it can shut down the line. That includes the final C7, which was sold at auction for $2.7 million.

It’s unclear if deliveries of the convertible C8, which was originally scheduled for early next year before production was delayed, will also be impacted.


Sucks for expecting owners, but what’s a few months here or there for better worker protections and solidarity? You’ve waited approximately 9,762 years for a ‘Vette with the engine behind your head, a couple weeks won’t hurt you.

And besides, don’t you want a happy guy making your car? Not some sad, miserable wretch, gluing fiberglass all haphazardly because he hates his boss.


No, let them glue haphazardly with joy.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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There are people right now worried that they’re not going to live long enough to take delivery of their pre-ordered C8.