UAW-American Axle Contract Talks Stall...Like An American Axle PCM?

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Let's be clear — that headline's for comedic effect only. Just because we once had trouble with a 2005 Dodge Ram intermittently stalling doesn't mean American Axle PCM's are faulty. But what we're sure is faulty are contract negotiations between the General's big league supplier and the UAW. The strike has shut down much of GM's North American production of big SUV's and pickup trucks. Automotive News is reporting this morning an American Axle spokesperson is stating contract talks with the UAW aimed at settling a three-month-old strike had stalled since Sunday. The talks appear to be snagged on health-care benefits and supplemental unemployment benefits. In addition, American Axle also claims the UAW had asked for...


...a signing bonus of $5,000 for each of its workers under a new contract and asked for one-time buyouts of up to $140,000 for American Axle workers agreeing to leave the supplier's payroll. Some snags, eh? Well, those snags are going to need to be rectified if GM wants to see their production of trucks and large SUV's resume. Come to think of it, with gas prices where they are — a short supply of the big-UV's and pick-me-up trucks might not be the world's worst thing. [via Automotive News (sub. req.) ]

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speaking of big GM SUV's sitting around getting stale on dealers lots, I was at a Chevy dealer recently and asked just how badly had gas prices hit their Tahoe/Suburban sales.

The salesman said that the biggest problem was all the trade ins they had. The new ones were selling a little slower, but not bad.

I noticed they had 2 hybrid Tahoes and asked about them. He rolled his eyes and said they were a waste of space. "The folks who want Tahoes have the money to gas 'em up and frankly don't care about mileage. The folks who want a hybrid don't want a Tahoe."

Can't wait to see how the hybrid Aspen/Durango fare...