U.S. Navy Steps on "Bugs," Takes Down "Monsters," Crushes "Our Country" To Win New Detroit Ad Award

[MCD is a legend in the Detroit auto advertising community who'll be contributing every once in a while as the mood strikes by providing an inside-the-8-mile take on the ad business. — Ed.] DETROIT- This past Wednesday night, the 'merican automotive capital of the world held the first annual "D Show" — a celebration of the best of the city's advertising. A little background: The show was a replacement for the long-running booze-fueled CADDY show and the best of show category was long-dominated by, not-surprisingly, the car companies in the area. This year's show not only had a new name, but also included work from agencies headquartered out of the city, like Modernista! of Hummer fame (not to mention soon-to-be-out-of-town sponsors like Volkswagen). But in what is perhaps a sign of how things are changing in the Motor City, this year's Best of Show wasn't won by a car commercial...

...instead it was a won by a campaign for none other than the U.S. Navy Seals beating out the Jeep "Bugs", Hummer's "Monsters," and Jalopnik's favorite Amerigasm, Chevy's "Our Country". Fear not though, all of those listed minus "Our Country" snagged category awards. Watching the commercial kind of makes us glad the SEALS aren't protecting Corvette ZR1 LS9 engine photos. [The Orphanage]

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I used to work on the Marine Corps (the direct mail side of things) and know the sort of creative inertia that can set into the armed services accounts. I think this spot is a very good change of pace.

The fact that the Navy chose to showcase their "halo" brand, the SEALS, is great (I tried to get the Marines to feature the silent drill team and the idea never made it out of the agency). And then to not show any guns and ammo is also a good call. The spot is subtle and it shows that, when everyone is shouting, sometimes the person that whispers gets heard.

And since this has nothing to do with cars, I will now stop.