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No this wasn't some fake prank for advertising. Two women went to a Michigan car dealership to supposedly take a car out for a spin. They ended up getting some fast-food, holding a salesperson against his will, and having a run-in with the police. And they didn't even buy a car.


According to USAtoday, last Monday two women came into the Matick Chevrolet dealership at about 4 p.m and asked to test drive car. USA Today does not report the very important detail of what car it was. I'm going to guess it was a Malibu. During the course of the test drive the women went to McDonald's to grab a bite. When the salesperson told them that they were not allowed to eat in the car, they instead listened to their appetites and continued to enjoy the greasy goodness.


Realizing that these two were most likely not serious customers, the salesperson insisted that the test-drive was over and requested they return to the dealership. The driver ignored him and drove around for several miles before heading back to the dealership. When she finally made the decision to bring the car back, she changed her mind when she was a short distance from the dealer and turned the car around. That is when the salesperson called the police and told them he was being held against his will.

At that point the woman decided to pull over and stop the car. Seeing an opportunity, the salesperson snatches the keys from the ignition and waits for the police to arrive. No charges were filed and the women were notified that they are no longer allowed at the dealership.

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