Two Tesla Manufacturing Execs Out Over Delays And Model X Problems: Report

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Two high-level Tesla manufacturing executives are out in the wake of nagging quality issues with the Model S and Model X, and just before the launch of the brand’s Jesus-car, the Model 3, Bloomberg reports.

The news site reports the departure of Tesla’s vice president of production and the vice president of manufacturing, Greg Reichow and Josh Ensign, respectively.

Why now of all times, just before the Model 3 launches? Perhaps it has to do with the EV company’s notorious quality issues.


Between the Model S getting a “below average” reliability rating from Consumer Reports, the recent Model X quality woes, and Tesla’s numerous production delays, it’s safe to say Tesla’s been on the manufacturing and engineering struggle bus.

Bloomberg says their source, who is familiar with the two recent departures, said the two executives’ departures “are linked to delays, glitches, and a recall that have bedeviled Tesla’s Model X.”

Tesla denies this, telling Bloomberg:

This is not about the Model X...After being at Tesla for over five years and leading its production team for the past three years, Greg Reichow has announced his intention to take a leave of absence from Tesla so that he can have a well-earned break.


The two are the fourth and fifth Tesla vice presidents to leave in the past year. And Reichow, who was the head-honcho of vehicle production and who reportedly made over $6 million over the last few years, represents a huge loss for the company.

Elon Musk emailed the news site, saying:

Greg and the team deserve a lot of credit for building an all-new manufacturing organization from the ground up and for making Model S and Model X a reality... We’re confident that with the strength of the team, high-quality manufacturing at Tesla will continue.


Reichow added:

My belief in Tesla’s ability to successfully deliver great cars and inspire the world to drive electric remains as strong as ever.


We’ll update this post if we hear anything from Tesla on the manner, but it’s clear that the company is making some major changes right now— a move that may seem risky in light of the impending Model 3.