Two Personalities Of Ford's 6.2 V8 In Raptor Vs F-250 Tow Test

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The Ford Raptor and 2012 F-250 are very different trucks, but they share the same 6.2 V8. The Fast Lane Truck got a chance to pit them both against each other with a challenge that should make 'em both work for it: pulling big trailers over big hills.

The F-250's engine is slightly de-tuned for longevity, and the revs stay a little lower with a 3.73 rear end as opposed to the Raptor's 4.10. But even though the Raptor has more power, the heavy duty truck is designed with regular towing in mind.


The above video focuses on the Raptor, this one shows the F-250's hill climb... just skip the first minute if you don't want to watch the intro again.

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