Two Mechanics Drove A Man's Car Right Past Him At A Drive Thru

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Randy Jones of Moreno Valley, CA dropped his Nissan 350Z off at the nearby Raceway Nissan dealership and returned to his job at Taco Bell, only to see his car again a few hours later, at his own drive-thru, where two mechanics from the dealership were thinking outside the bun.

“My heart was racing because I’m like I’m not paying them nearly $300 just to drive from Riverside to Moreno Valley in my vehicle,” said Jones in an interview with California’s ABC 13 News.

Raceway Nissan’s standard test-drive route is over two miles shorter than the distance the mechanics drove for their Fourth Meal. The service manager at Raceway Nissan told reporters that the two mechanics have since been fired, and they are “bending over backwards” to make Jones happy.


(via ABC 13 News)

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This is ridiculous. I’m sorry, they drove 3.3 miles one way and lost their jobs over this. If your that sensitive with you car then either A) work on it yourself or B) take it to a real mechanic that you know and trust and not the dealership.