"Dude, dude! Jets!"

How lucky are you when you stop to look out over Death Valley and it just so happens that in that exact spot at that exact time, two F-18s scream by for some maneuvers.

Here's the caption for the video by Joseph Regner.

While on a roadtrip across country two dorks randomly out exploring on a ridge with no clue are surprised by two F18's during training in Death Valley. At the time we had no idea the spot was a regular training area. I literally had just stopped to get a shot of the canyon and some quick video of the rocks at the beginning of the video.

Definitely an incredible experience, like double rainbows or something....

I'm not sure what the best line in this video is, but "didyougettheredfuckingafterburner?!" might be my favorite.


I gotta do more road trips. You always see the best stuff.