You've had the dream, we've all had the dream: a perfect car museum filled with classics is empty for the night and you have the keys inside. That's what these two kids got to do at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

The video is produced by Christopher Kippenberger, who uses his trademark drones for the whole shoot. It's for Ramptv, the video section of Germany's glossy car magazine Ramp. Here's the description, translated by my half-decent German.

What's the stuff of dreams for twelve-twelve year old boys? It's always going to be sports cars. One night with your best friend and totally alone in the Porsche Museum? Brilliant! Tim and Denis, our two high-tech kids, sneak in with some drones and a laptop. Somehow. In dreams anything's possible. In movies, it's the same. Michael Köckritz, creative director and editor in chief of ramp tells this story in this shortcut. Simple and direct, ultra short and relaxed.


Excuse me as I drown in jealousy of these two kids.