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Two Jews Walk Into An MGB Owner's Driveway...

Illustration for article titled Two Jews Walk Into An MGB Owners Driveway...

Automobile Magazine columnist Jamie Kitman took Vanity Fair's Brett Berk to look at an MGB. Kitman bought it, Berk wrote about it. The best part? They ditched a Jaguar launch to do it. [Vanity Fair]


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Why oh why is it necessary for car bloggers/writers to bring up the fact that they are Jews? Brett, it doesn't matter, not relevant, unimportant, and self centered.

The glorious emperor of this blog brings it up from time to time as well (The last time was at the New York Auto Show, when I was talking to another reporter, Brandy Schaffels.) I don't bring up my non-religious or heritage background, so why is it that these guys (Ray included) find it necessary to do so?