Two French Ideas, Une Bonne, Une Mauvaise

Who likes quick pairs of France-related automotive ideas, one good, one bad? Everyone, that’s who! So, everyone, you’re in a French metric crapload of luck, because here’s some of what I just said, right there in the first sentence. Let’s see what we’ve got!

Good French Automotive Thing:


Featured on Bring A Trailer, on eBay there’s a Suzuki Samauri with a Citroën 2CV body. It’s been built for serious off-road use, and it looks to have been done to an extremely high standard. The 2CV body has been lengthened and widened, it’s got huge tires, rugged suspension, an external roll cage/luggage rack with lights, and a massive 40 gallon fuel tank. It seems to be called Le Sami, and holy crap is it awesome.

Bad French Automotive Thing:

From Paris, a Facebook friend posted this picture:

What the hell? I mean, sure, it’s still sort of Mopar, so there’s that, I guess. But what the hell is this doing in Paris? And with all the shit going down about the Confederate flag, is this really something you want to get involved in, Parisian Dukes of Hazzard fan? Besides, the General Lee is played out, anyway. Why not get a white Renegade and stick some bull horns on the hood and do a Boss Hogg Caddy tribute, if you need a Dukes car so badly in Paris.

I mean, it’s your car, Parisian, so, you know, do what you want. A Fleur-de-lis motif that looked sort of like the Confederate flag would have been funnier. Just a thought.


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