Two Dealership Employees Are Fired After Their Racist Attack Of An Immigrant Family Went Viral

The New York Toyota dealership fired the employees within 24 hours, following a short internal investigation

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Image: Empire Toyota of Huntington

Two employees of a Long Island, NY Toyota dealership were fired after a video of them racially harassing an immigrant family went viral, Automotive News reports.

The incident was originally shared on Facebook and Twitter by the president of the Long Island Immigrant Student Advocates, Osman Canales. In the video, the two employees, Kristen Caravana and Justin Likerman, can be seen harassing an immigrant family on the Long Island Rail Road.


Likerman looks to be the biggest instigator — a real big man hurling insults at a family with a kid. From

The video shows beer being thrown at the immigrant family and a man can be seen yelling at them, “Look straight! Don’t f**king look at me! I’m going to get arrested tonight!” After another passenger tells the man that the argument is not worth getting arrested over, the yelling man responds, “I know it’s not worth it, but these f**king foreigners ain’t taking over my f**king country!


Canales not only posted the videos but has been in contact with the family as well, conveying their heartbreaking plea for help in getting something done about the two assholes:

Please help me catch this couple that harassed me because I’m an immigrant. They also threw beer at us (my friend also has an accent). My 10-year-old witnessed this. They ruined my son’s first basketball game experience. Someone else recorded this but by the time the officers showed up, they left the station. I’m too nervous to talk right now and the footage is bad. If you hear anything, please let me know so that I can add it to the police report.


The family says they are pressing charges.

After identifying Likerman and Caravana, Canales encouraged the public to contact both the dealership and Toyota corporate. It took less than 24 hours for the dealership to both look into the incident and fire these idiots. And thank goodness, because it sets an example that hate has no place anywhere.