Illustration for article titled Two Dead As Horse And Car Collide On Highway, No Mustang Jokes Please

A sad story from New Zealand as an odd horse v. car accident resulted in the death of two (three if you include the horse, which was mercifully put down by the police). The accident happened along State Highway 35 near Opotiki on the North Island of New Zealand after a horse, being ridden by a teenager, bolted from the sand dunes and onto the highway, where it was crushed by an east-bound car. It was the 15th car-related fatality in New Zealand over the holiday.

Neither the driver of the car, nor the driver of the horse, walked away from the accident. No word on the cause of the crash, other than horse + highway, though road policing manager Inspector Carey Griffiths said it wasn't "your typical crash," which we're guessing is some kind of humorous New Zealand understatement. [The New Zealand Herald]


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