Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

In what might possibly the most German thing to have ever happened ever, two Daimler shareholders got into a fight over free sausages at a company meeting today.

The shareholder meeting had a buffet, one dude started heaping free sausage onto his plate, a lady came up to rebuke him, and they got into some kind of “verbal altercation” that led to the cops getting called, as Bloomberg reports. Company chairman Manfred Bischoff was clearly amused at the scene, stating “either we need more sausages, or we’ll have to get rid of the sausages entirely.”


Bloomberg notes that the cost of a share in Daimler ($3.25) could buy you a couple plates of good sausage, but ignores the second key element of this story: pride. It’s what drives companies like Daimler to innovate, and I guess it’s also what leads to sausage fights.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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