Two Crowd-Funded Inventions That Could Up Your Tailgate Party Game

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Parking lot party enthusiast Matt MacLean has invented (and successfully Kickstarter-funded) an all-in-one compostable tailgate-party loadout. Burger bro Matt Hureau wants to put a lift kit on your cheeseburgers.


The Instagate (see what they did there) is basically a cardboard kit that carries everything you need for posting up and doing some beers and burgers just about anywhere. Beers and burgers not included.

For $39, an Instagate kit packs:

  • A Recyclable Cooler
  • A Recyclable Grill
  • All Required Grilling Tools: Spatula, Tongs, BBQ Fork (All Recyclable As Well)
  • Eco-friendly Cups (12), Plates (10), Napkins (20) & Utensils (10 sets)
  • A Custom Reusable "Instagate" Lighter/Bottle Opener
  • Condiments (20 packets) (Ketchup, Mustard, Salt, Pepper)
  • Disposable Bags For Easy Clean-Up
  • Cooler Space For Up To 30 Cans
  • Fold Out Table Platforms
  • A Pong Table And Custom Reusable "Instagate" Ping Pong Balls (2)

180 backers got the project a few grand passed the $25,000 fundraising goal, and those folks will be getting the first Instagate shippments soon. Apparently the rest of us will be able to order them online "in the next couple of months."

Seems like a neat idea for the casual tailgater who isn't ready to invest in a Yeti cooler, and chucking out is always easier than cleaning right?

Professionally unrelated but definitely overlapping in usage is today's second interesting barbecue accessory: the "Burger Lift." It's quite simply a small metal tray that elevates a juicy burger off a plate to mitigate sogginess seeping in.

Invented by Matt Hureau, designed by Jasmine Katatikarn, and is being produced by Mike Tanzillo, the Burger Lift has also already beaten it's $10,001 kickstarter goal by more than a thousand bucks.

Everybody who didn't get in on the fundraising can place pre-orders though, with the first Burger Lifts slated to ship in December.


Hat tip to Sydney!



The burger lift, its definitely not a coaster, nope.

I really like the "thanks Obama" nature of the instagate video. Someone needs to gif that sucker.