Two College Kids Use Boring, Sarcastic Conversation To Win Pair Of Chevy Aveos

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A pair of University of Houston students are now the proud owners of a matching set of 2009 Chevy Aveo5s after their conversation in the back of an Aveo5 cab was voted most popular in a GM-sponsored contest called "Chevy Aveo Livin' Large." The conversation itself was the kind of sarcastic slacker rambling about the latest Batman movie, elections and fishing college kids these days seem to be known for. At one point, one pretends to be voting for John McCain before admitting, no, he's actually voting for Obama. It isn't funny. But how did they win? The contest is based on "votes" and U of H students appear to have gamed the voting a bit, much to the displeasure of another U of H Cougar:

hey the video that makes it to top 6 from U of H is going to be based on VOTES not views anymore...yalls video isn't that great...lets rep U of H and get a CRIZZZUNK video there!!! (read the rules and's all in there)

We're not surprised the conversation with the least amount of effort won, given the attitudes of the many U of H grads we know. The official gesture, the Cougar Paw is essentially the shocker. GM, you just got shocked. Go Cougs! The press release and video below. Click to view

University of Houston students win brand new Chevy Aveo5s in Livin' Large College Cab promotion [Detroit]– After five days of competition, University of Houston students Wisam Nahhas and Sammy Khayat emerged as winners of their own 2009 Chevy Aveo5s as part of Chevy’s Aveo5 Livin’ Large College Cab promotion. This fall Chevy dispatched 2009 Aveo5s to six college campuses giving free rides to students there. These rides were filmed, and the videos posted the next day to for the world to watch. Two rounds of competition followed. The first round charged students in each video with securing the most views on their video out of any other from their university. The second round pitted each school’s finalists against one another in a five-day competition for online video votes. When those five days drew to a close, U of H’s Nahhas and Khayat emerged victorious securing more than 214,000 video votes. “We’re thrilled that so many students were engaged in this promotion by hitching a ride in the Chevy Aveo5 College Cab or viewing or casting a vote for their classmates or friends,” said Ed Peper, North American Vice President, Chevrolet. “The Chevy Aveo Livin’ Large promotions have always been about showcasing how college students can live large, and with the hundreds of thousands of video views and votes cast, the students demonstrated once again that no challenge is too tall.” Freshman Khayat and sophomore Nahhas are long-time family friends and are thrilled at the prospect of winning their own Aveo5s. Says Nahhas, “This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me in my life. We had hundreds of people voting for us all over the country. It’s surreal.” The Chevy Aveo5 Livin’ Large College Cab promotion leveraged social media tools to extend the program’s reach beyond the six campuses the Chevy Aveo5 College Cabs visited. Students tuned in from more than 300 universities across the United States and shared their favorite videos by adding them to their Facebook and MySpace profiles, embedding their friends’ videos on their personal blogs and Web sites, and by e-mailing the link to hundreds of others. “This latest installment of Chevy’s Aveo Livin’ Large college outreach campaign played off things most students can truly appreciate—a free ride and a few minutes of fame!” Peper noted. “In this world where social networking sites and online video are pervasive, the Chevy Aveo5 Livin’ Large College Cab program leveraged the online tools young people are already using in a fun and interesting way. And it also gave them a shot at the ultimate payoff—their very own Chevy Aveo5, a perfect car for college students due to its size, affordability, fuel economy, and technological features like OnStar and XM satellite radio.” The Chevy Aveo5 College Cab is the third in a series of Chevy college-based programs known as “Livin’ Large in Aveo.” Previous installments included the Chevy Aveo Livin’ Large Campus Challenge, during which teams of two students from seven universities lived inside a Chevy Aveo on their campus for a week in an effort to secure the most votes as the favorite team. On the heels of the Campus Challenge came the Chevy Aveo Livin’ Large Road Trip, during which two University of Florida graduating seniors chronicled their week-long road trip inside a Chevy Aveo to pursue their dreams of making it in Hollywood. The Chevy Aveo5 Livin’ Large College Cab visited the following universities during its run: • University of Maryland, College Park • San Jose State University • University of Oregon • University of South Florida • University of Washington • University of Houston The Chevy Aveo5 is uniquely suited to college students who are often pressed for cash. The most affordable five-door hatchback in America starts at $12,120 and gets 34 miles to the gallon on the highway, and 27 city. OnStar and XM radio come standard as does an auxiliary input jack for mp3 player connectivity. The hatchback feature of the Chevy Aveo5 provides students with room to stow their laundry en route to mom and dad’s or to throw a few bags in the back for a weekend road trip.


[Source: GM, Photo: Flickr: KaleBDF]