Two Aerobatic Planes Collide At Swiss Air Show, One Pilot Reported Dead

On the heels of yesterday’s horrific crash at the Shoreham Airshow, two Ikarus C42 aircraft belonging to the GrassHoppers aerobatic team from Germany collided in mid-air while performing at an airshow in Dittingen, Switzerland. According to reports, one pilot was thrown from the plane during the impact and parachuted to the ground.


Sadly, the other pilot involved in the collision has been reported deceased. The third aircraft, which was not involved in the collision, was able to land safely.

Wreckage appearing to be from one of two fallen Ikarus C42 aircraft of the GrassHoppers team.


The GrassHoppers team normally performs display flights in a formation of three aircraft, with registrations D-MSON, D-MUHH and D-MHDP. The two aircraft involved in the incident are said to be D-MSON and D-MUHH. The video below shows the GrassHopper team performing over Berlin last year.

The Ikarus C42 is a German-made two-seat high wing light aircraft primarily used for flight training and and general personal flying. Under certain conditions, they are also sometimes used to tow gliders and banners.


A rash of fatal air show crashes have taken place across Europe in the month of August, including a Folland Gnat which crashed in Cheshire, U.K. on August 1st. Furthermore, the death toll in yesterday’s fatal incident in Shoreham, U.K. could continue to rise. These incidents have spurred critical conversation about the safety of airshows, which could have implications for future events on the continent.


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