Following the Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying session in which he failed to post a time on Saturday, McLaren Formula One driver Fernando Alonso took a seat and basked in the sun a bit. Little did he know that it would lead to a (hilarious) photoshopping frenzy of “#PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe” on Twitter.

Update: And it looks like this frenzy started in OppositeLock with our own veteran commenter, reader and Photoshop fiend McMike. How crazy is that?

First, we’ll show you the original image:


Then came the Oppo post, which apparently spread like wildfire.

And here’s where everyone else believes that Alonso would rather be:


The movie set of a sinking ship? Ouch. How about a happier movie:

This final movie photoshop could probably be better associated with three-time champion Lewis Hamilton, who reportedly crashed his limited-edition $2 million Pagani Zonda on Tuesday morning after “heavy partying” and lack of sleep:


As for Alonso—he’d rather be at a Gangnam Style party with all of the other faces of F1, but I don’t blame him for just sitting back to watch this unfold. (Also, I will never un-see the photoshop of F1 head honcho Bernie Ecclestone on a body with pink booty shorts):

The Alonso meme also made a stop by Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper painting, because if you’re not making history in F1 qualifying, you may as well go try to make it elsewhere:


And for fun, a “Where’s Alonso?” search for you. Hint: if you missed out on this earlier in the post, he wasn’t qualifying.

Perhaps this was the most accurate, after Alonso and Jenson Button hopped up on the Brazilian GP podium for a mock photo after walking by and realizing that it “will not be this close anymore.”


Though he’s just daydreaming in this photoshop, Alonso did say that March would hopefully bring a real visit to the podium.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Andre Penner

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