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TVR Unveils, Quickly Deletes Teaser For Its Upcoming Return To Le Mans

Illustration for article titled TVR Unveils, Quickly Deletes Teaser For Its Upcoming Return To Le Mans
Image: TVR

In a since-deleted tweet, TVR on Wednesday unveiled a pixelized version of what is a Rebellion R13 LMP1, according to Racer, that it plans to race at Le Mans this year. It’s unclear why TVR deleted its tweet, which promised a proper announcement on Thursday.


TVR last competed in Le Mans in 2005, as Autocar notes. This year’s FIA World Endurance Championship is a so-called “super series,” which will be contested over the next two years beginning in Belgium May 5.

TVR’s last works motorsport project was with the GT2 class Tuscan Speed Six 400R, which most recently ran in the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2005, fielded by the Racesport Peninsula squad.


Racer has a few more details, outlining some scenarios TVR may have in mind:

Assuming TVR will be collaborating with Rebellion for the ‘Super Season,’ bringing the brand back to Le Mans after 13 years away, there are three possibilities: The car will either be renamed a TVR, though this is unlikely as the entries by Rebellion are already filed as R13s; the Gibson engines will be rebadged as TVRs (though RACER understands that there is no commercial deal currently in place); or some form of sponsorship for the Swiss team’s program.

Though the TVR tease references a Thursday announcement, the full reveal of the Rebellion R13 is set for Friday morning at Paul Ricard ahead of the FIA WEC Prologue Test.

Why did TVR delete their tweet? Who knows! But if it’s marketing, it has worked on me. TVR was revived by the entrepreneur Les Edgar, and has promised us its first new road car since that revival in the form of the Griffith. If its Le Mans car is half as good as what the Griffith sounds like, they’ll be in a good way.

News Editor at Jalopnik. 2008 Honda Fit Sport.

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In true TVR form, it was meant as a metaphor for their 2018 Le Mans entry:

Retired before race start due to mechanical failure.