I understand none of this but I appreciate its remarkable prominent swearing.

Oh wait, YouTube does auto-translate subtitles now. OK, I got this.

Formula One boy Max Verstappen (he’s 19) is a bit of a prankster, and the young Dutchman decided to playfully interrupt Dutch TV commentator Olav Molfor while he was in the middle of recording a report on rumors of McLaren approaching Mercedes to quietly dump their boat anchor Honda motor.

Olav... uh.. well... the transcript is incredible:

Olav: [realizing an F1 driver just wrecked his shot] “Fuck.”

Max: [interrupting] “Are you having fun?”

Olav: “I am in such a fucking long script. I am in such a fucking long script.

Max: “Yeah, but you can still broadcast this.”

Olav: “I can’t!”

Max: “You can’t?”

Olav: “I truly can not.”

Max: “So you can’t.”

Olav: [smiling, sweating] “.....Fuck!”

Max: [smiling]

Olav: “FUCK.”

Max: “But you can use expletives on TV, right?”

Olav: “Yes, we can.”

Max: “It all went to shit today, Olav. Really shit.”

Olav: “No, we really can’t.” [holding up script] “Read this. Read this for me. I was just...”

Max: “Where were you? All the way there?”

Olav: [pointing, laughing, crying inside]

Max: [realizing what he has done, laughing, shitting] “.....sorry.”

Olav: [indeterminate cussing]

Max: “You’ll be fine. You can do it!”

Max gives Olav a pat on the back, they shake hands and Max leaves. End scene.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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