Turns Out Frasier Crane Drives This Badass Corvette

Or at least he used to.

If you've played the same character for 20 years, you probably get kind of typecast as an actor. So when I see that someone's selling Kelsey Grammer's 1973 Corvette, I kind of went, "Huh?" If his M5 were on eBay, I could understand that. This is way too hardcore for that brandy-sniffing Frasier.


Of course, Kelsey did appear in a suitably ‘80s Toyota commercial driving a Supra, but even that has nothing on a burly V8 sports car like this. Or maybe this is the Kelsey that ex-wife Camille talks so ill about on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not that I've ever watched that show on a Saturday night for two or three hours. Never.

It's actually a nice red ‘Vette ‘vert with a manual, though the seller doesn't provide too much more info, other than it was stored in a "temperature controlled garage," presuming its celebrity-owned status made it extra special.

No idea which V8 lies under the hood, but could it be one of the Big Blocks that had actual power? But here's the biggest question: Is it $20,000 special? Seems like a fair price for what is a pristine C3, after all.
So for you celebrity car hounds, here's one to consider. And unlike Arnold Palmer's LeBaron convertible, this is something you can actually be seen in.

So what say you, Jalops? Would you drop $20 grand on Frasier's 'Vette? It beats taking the bus.

Photo credit eBay

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