Turns Out Bacon Grease Isn't the Worst Thing to Use as Engine Oil

Note how the bacon grease (on the right) does NOT flow? The oil you want in your engine (on the left) should. Screengrab: Project Farm(YouTube)

You know that bacon grease that you always pour into a glass jar because you’re afraid it will clog your sink? Well, a recent YouTube video shows that, if you warm that stuff up and pour it into your lawnmower’s crankcase, your machine may not immediately blow up! Behold the most helpful consumer advice you’ll witness today.

Yesterday I found myself watching a totally pointless video involving the host of the popular YouTube channel Project Farm using warm bacon grease in his lawnmower engine. The results were, remarkably, not bad (???):

Aside from some elevated engine temperatures, the lawnmower seems to have run quite well for over an hour. Engine compression remained roughly the same after the test, and the inside of the motor appeared to be devoid of any major wear.


Of course, if he’d let the engine cool down, it’d struggle with cold starts, since cold bacon grease basically doesn’t flow. Still, it’s a fun little video idea. Between Project Farm and Garage 54 ENG, I’m running out of experiments to run on that broken Kia I have in my backyard. Hmm...

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