Turn 'er Out, Henry! Turn 'er Out, Joe! Building the '56 Dodge

We're still trying to recover from the brain-scrambling one-two punch of the theme song for this ad (sort of a combo of show-tune and the Soviet People's Tractor Collective #498's fight song) coupled with all the images of droolworthy 50s engine parts and mighty Mopars rolling off the line. Swift and mighty in action! I took my two hands and built an automobile! I built a Dodge. I built a Dooooooodge!


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Mike Spinelli

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the first rehearsal with the crooner, probably some lower-tier pro who'd just spent a season hacking through "The King and I" in the Detroit theater district.

"Ok, so the lyric goes, 'Put-in-a-rivet-and-a-weld-it-and-a-look alive.' Quick question. On what part of a car is the 'weldit' found?"