I tried drawing rough renditions of some cars off the top of my head in this internet image generator based on 2,000 images of cats and accidentally opened a portal straight into nightmarish hell.

If you couldn’t tell, that up there is supposed a BMW E30. Instead it looks like the creature a 3-week old half-filled coffee cup you forgot to empty before leaving for vacation births. It’s your responsibility now. How can you say no to this face? No, seriously, you should not say no to a face like that.


Here’s what it looks like from the image generator site, the edges2cats generator from Image-to-Image Demo:

Here are some more of my sleep-preventing ‘fun’ drawings:


They have ‘driven’ out of my computer screen and immediately scurried to dark, tight spaces. Please help. Or grow a family of your own and share you creations in the comments!


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