On Thanksgiving, I like to feature a car from Turkey, because Turkey is a place that builds cars and turkey is a bird we traditionally eat on this day and I’m an idiot, at heart. So, on this Thanksgiving I’m delighted to present to you the Turcoto Uveyk, the happiest-goddamn looking truck in the world.

Just look at the face on that little guy. It seems to be saying “Hot damn, fellas! I get to haul manure today! Can you believe that? What fantastic day!” I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any vehicle that looks as thrilled to be alive as that little truck.

The truck seems like the sort of bare-bones utility vehicle that I love: cheap, useful, but somehow sort of fun, like a Piaggio Ape. The Uveyk is powered by a Kubota 719cc three-cylinder diesel, and makes about 20 HP/34 lb-ft. That’s not that bad! It seems pretty close to the Mahindra Maxximo I drove in India, and that had adequate power for what it needed to do.


The Uveyk has a pair of nice, even specs as well: 1000 km (621 miles) range and 1000 kg (2204 lbs) cargo capacity. Those are respectable numbers, and would make this little truck a very handy machine.

Right now, though, I’m more just taken by how fucking happy this truck looks, so I’m just going to make some more of these pictures, if you don’t mind.



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