Now that i think about it, I’m not sure I fully understand the premise of 1980's hit television sensation, Turbo Teen. Like, I accept the premise that he was both a car and a Cool Teen. That I’m fine with. But was there anything he could do as turbo teen that he could not do previously as just… a teen with a car?


Also, I don’t think turbo teen’s car had a turbo? It looks like a 1980's Chevy Camaro or a Pontiac Firebird, which didn’t have a turbo.

Unless it wasn’t quite Turbo Teen, and more ////TURBO//// Teen, which was definitely a stylistic choice back in the day.


Jason Torchinsky, an expert on such matters, theorized that Turbo Teen, as a PERSON, was turbo himself.

And that makes a lot of sense, come to think of it. Just a lot of compressed air in the guy.

Anyways, Turbo Teen.

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