Tryane II Continues March of Wooden Cars

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Take a look at those wheels — the three lugs are a dead giveaway as to what lies beneath the slippery hand crafted exterior. That's right, the Tyrane II started life as a Citroen 2CV but its obviously much modified from the original. Builder Friend Wood, no we're not kidding, started work on the car by removing one side of the rear suspension and repositioning the other to the center of the car. A mahogany veneer body was then fashioned over a mold using the cold molding technique from boat building.

With that slippery shape and Kamm-back tail, the little air cooled twin motor can get up to 100 mph and return 55-70 MPG. A lot of that is certainly due to the shape of the car, but that it weighs in at only 900 lbs makes the incredible mileage much more obvious. [Dethroner, OldWoodies, Peter Frost]

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@deckard97: Looks like the steering wheel is on the side, so it's probably a 2 seater, but yeah.

This one is actually pretty darn good looking!

Why, oh why, though, did he make it a trike? What's the point in that? Also, I'd imagine blind spots rivaling the new FJ Cruiser.