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Every car nut dreams of building the ultimate garage and showing it off to friends/forum members/strangers. This Audi aficionado's garage is impressive, but let's be honest, it's really all about that sexy RS2.


The humble braggart in question lives somewhere in Taiwan and owns some pretty enticing machinery. Counted amongst the collection is the aforementioned RS2, modified of course, a carbon fiber and engine-modified B5 S4, an S6 Avant, and last but not least an R8. Such a stable requires a respectable home, and they're housed in a palace the Audi PR storm troopers would be green with envy over.

Situated below the main living quarters, the garage is designed to house five vehicles in splendor, and off the main storage area there's a mini-museum for collected hardware. And how does he showcase the R8? The ceiling above it is actually a sliding skylight, making the car viewable from above via glass floor. If you've got the scratch, this is certainly the way to spend it. (Thanks for the tip Bridger!)


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