Truckload Of Leaking, Rotting Chicken Left At Truckstop In Montana

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You know how disgusting a pound of rotting chicken is? Of course you do. Just picture that revolting stench for a moment, and then multiply it by 37,000. If you want to avoid this nightmare, stay away from the Flying J truck stop west of Missoula, because there's a trailer crammed full of rotting chicken there.

The trailer was left by Chistopher Hall, a truck driver, parole violator, and creator of horrific stenches and messes. Hall was supposed to be delivering the then-refrigerated truckload of dead chickens from Arkansas to Kent, Washington. Hall stopped at the truck stop in Montana to demand money from his employer, who refused, stating he'd be paid on delivery, prompting Hall to just leave the damn trailer at the truck stop.

The trailer was reported missing on August 20, and found on August 27.

Eventually, the refrigeration unit ran out of fuel, and the 90°+ temperatures and the metal box of the trailer conspired with bacteria and science to make the 37,000 lbs of chicken a hideous, rotting mess. It sounds so awful I'm even restraining myself from making a foul/fowl joke here, though it's not easy.


While police are searching for Hall, workers are trying to figure out the best way to get rid of the $80,000 worth of rancid chicken, which is leaking puke-inducing rotting chicken juice everywhere. They could try to refreeze it, which prevents leaking, but makes extraction of the giant frozen block of decayed chicken zombies that much harder. They have to prep a landfill to dig a special hole for the poultry mush, and, on top of it all, they have to keep other motorists from getting doused with potentially hazardous rotting chicken squeezin's.


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