Truckload of Flaming Goat Cheese Closes Tunnel In The Most Delicious Disaster Possible

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A Norwegian tunnel turned into a mouth-watering hellish inferno of flavor and terror this past Thursday when a truck carrying 27 tons of Brunost burst into flames in the Bratli Tunnel at Tysfjord, Norway. Brunost is caramelized brown goat cheese, a Norwegian delicacy that apparently is also incredibly flammable, as the fire burned for five days.

Luckily, no one was injured, but locals have likely already been affected by the burning cheese smells, stockpiling crackers and wine without realizing why.

The truck driver noticed the fire and abandoned his rig about 1,000 ft from the southern entrance of the tunnel. It's not known what started the fire. The high fat and sugar content of the cheese are highly favorable to combustion, creating something that's probably like a rich, nutty napalm that would go great on rustic bread and maybe complement a nice prosciutto.


Kjell Bjoern Vinje of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, said he "didn't know that brown cheese burns so well." You'd think an awareness of cheese flammability would be required for a position in Norway's Public Roads Administration, but it seems not. I just hope our American counterparts at the NHTSA are researching how sliced pepper jack cheese burns as we speak.

(tip of cheese hat to thebigbossyboss, source: BBC News)