Truckload Of Entrails And Meat Scraps Overturns In Gross 'Meat Spill' In Australia

There's organs and entrails and meat bits and all kinds of slippery disgusting muck on the tarmac over there so ewww

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Image for article titled Truckload Of Entrails And Meat Scraps Overturns In Gross 'Meat Spill' In Australia
Screenshot: Twitter

Who’s hungry? Got a craving for sun-ripened animal offal and entrails, but don’t have the kind of cash needed to really indulge your cravings? Are you in Australia? If you’re answering a vigorous, breathless “yes” to these questions, then boy are you in luck, because a huge truck full of animal guts barfed out its contents onto a Melbourne-area highway’s exit ramp. And, remember, it’s summer down there, so everything’s getting nice and toasty. Ewww.

Just to make everything even more disturbing, this is how a spokesperson for the Victorian Department of Transportation described what happened to the contents of the truck. According to the spokesperson, all that offal:

“pass[ed] over the cabin in a meaty wave.”

A meaty wave.

The pictures of the meatsplosion are as gruesome as you’re likely and unwillingly imagining:


Victorian Traffic’s twitter feed suggested the cleanup would “take some time.”

Authorities are cleaning up the spill with skid-steer loader equipment, in what is very likely an extremely unpleasant job for the poor bastards driving that.

If you are an Australian vulture or other scavenger reading this, my advice is to not miss out on this exciting windfall, and get your disgusting asses over to the eastbound M80 and go to town before it all gets scraped up.