If the fear of fines and jail time doesn’t stop you from breaking road rules, this trucker—who, apparently, isn’t familiar with the “Move Over” law about switching lanes while a cop has another car pulled over—probably will.

The ordeal happened after a Kansas trooper stopped a black Dodge Charger on the interstate last week, according to a Facebook post by Kansas Highway Patrol public-resource officer Tod Hileman. The officer and his trainee were still in the vehicle when the truck went by and destroyed both the police car’s mirror and spotlight, and no one was hurt in the incident.

The video doesn’t show it, but Hileman later said in the comments that the truck driver did stop after hitting the car. He added that the trooper stopped two feet off of the white line from the interstate, and that the truck crossed the white line in hitting the police car. But it doesn’t technically matter where the cop stopped on the road, as Hileman said state law “allows [officers] to park where [they] need to in the performance of [their] duty.”

After stopping, the truck driver did get a citation for doing exactly the opposite of what most folks would at the sight of a police car—and not just a cop with someone pulled over—by driving in closer to the vehicle. But this wreck doesn’t compare to some of the other side swipes we’ve seen, such as the man who swerved and took out a motorcycle back in October.


According to WKYT, it was the first day on the job for the officer in training who rode along for this particular shift. What a way to kick off service in the police force, right?

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