Holy Crap: Truck Jumps An F1 Car And Sets A World Record Doing It

Lotus F1 is known for doing stunts, but this might be the nuttiest: they jumped a truck over one of their F1 cars.

Mike Ryan (the dude who drifts a big rig) drove the truck and co-ordinated the stunt. He's also done work on Fast and the Furious and on Terminator 2. If you can jump a truck once, you can do it again, I guess. Martin Ivanov, who has been in the James Bond and Bourne movies, drove the F1 car.


Amazingly, this also set a world record for jumping a semi, at 83 feet, 7 inches.

So I guess you could say that they just drove an F1 car under a world-record-jumping semi truck and trailer.

It's all about perspective.

(Hat tip to David!)



Good thing Maldonado wasn't driving that F1 car. He'd have crashed into the truck in mid air (somehow).