Truck Driver Surprised To Find He Was Dragging A Car Down The Highway

A screenshot from KHOU 11 News’ on-site coverage of the crash.
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The driver of a big rig in Texas felt a bump and thought he had blown a tire, as KHOU News reports. As it turns out, he had crashed into a Hyundai and was dragging it (and its terrified driver) down the highway.


Amazingly, the Hyundai driver-turned-helpless-passenger had the wherewithal to scoot from the drivers seat, which was pinned against the grill of the truck, to the passenger side of the car. She emerged unscathed.

The whole ordeal didn’t last long, as the trucker noticed smoke pouring out from in front of his Peterbilt and came to a stop on the side of I-69.

The Hyundai driver had been following next to the 18-wheeler and told KHOU that she blinked and then found herself trapped against the truck. How this happened I do not know, but I’m glad everyone made it out ok.

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