TRD Has the Carbon Aero and 19" Wheels You Want For Your Supra

Image: TRD on Facebook

This weekend marked a gathering called “The Supra Is Back To Japan Fes” a gathering of Supra enthusiasts celebrating the return of the Toyota sports car. Doing their part, TRD used this event as an opportunity to display a new Supra with the carbon aero pieces and 19" wheels that were promised. The bits are for sale separately, but are currently only available through Japanese distributors, so you’ll need to find a way to import them if you simply must have them for your Supra. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Personally, I find the TRD additions to be sporty and tasteful. I think the carbon front splitter with canards adds an aggression that was desperately lacking from the car’s front fascia. The side skirts are totally rad. The rear side spoilers and ducktail are race-car-ready.


There is one piece that is an exception to the awesome. This “door trim panel” looks like it takes things a little too far. Allegedly it acts as a side diffuser, smoothing turbulent air across the side of the body, but it looks like a big haphazard carbon splotch. Perhaps it would be cooler if it were painted in body color.

The wheels are 19X9 at the front and 19X10 at the rear. The TRD exclusive wheels are forged aluminum pieces in a multispoke design that is simple, but attractive.

You can see more images of these parts on the TRD website. Importing might be a pain, but it could be worth it if you want your Supra to stand out from the crowd. I wouldn’t doubt that TRD will eventually bring these parts to be distributed in the U.S. eventually, however, so it may not be unique forever.

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